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  • DQ fleur D’orange
    DQ vodka
    Champagne reduction
    Orange oils

    Drink by Linus Morgan – Hotel Reisen

  • DQ Long kiss goodnight
    DQ vodka
    Automn tea reduction with apple and citrus

    Drink by Joel Constantino – Johannes Kök

  • DQ Teani
    DQ vodka
    Matcha Green tea reduction with lisbon citrus bee pollen

    Drink by Andreas Eriksson – Brasseri Norrtull

  • DQ Spice Market
    DQ vodka
    Eldeflower & pomegranate
    Fresh citrus and rose pepper

    Drink by Róbert Radovic – Nobis Hotel

  • Candy Cane (Winter)
    A play on the fun and frivolity of winter and Christmas.

    DQ, fresh passionfruit, pressed apple and mixed berry nectar topped with a pineapple foam.

    Served in a tall glass
    50ml DQ
    1/2 Fresh passionfruit
    35.5 ml Apple juice
    25 ml Pineapple juice
    Dash grenadine, fraise or framboise syrup as available
    1/4 fresh passionfruit to garnish

  • AMidnight Sun (Summer)
    Inspired by the long summer days in Sweden, enjoying up to 5 hours more sun per day than almost anywhere else, providing some of the most fertile fields in the world.

    DQ vodka, fresh strawberries, Chambord, fresh basil and a sweetened balsamic glaze.

    Served in a Martini glass
    35.5 ml DQ
    12.5 ml Chambord
    12.5 ml Grand Marnier
    2-3 Fresh strawberries
    1-2 Basil leaves
    Small dash balsamic glaze to garnish

  • DQ Crumble (Autumn)
    A nod to the winter wheat, one of the things that makes DQ special.

    DQ vodka, pressed apple, calvados and ginger served in a cinnamon crumble half rimmed glass.

    Served in a tall glass
    35.5 ml DQ
    12.5 ml Calvados
    25 ml Apple juice
    25 ml Ginger ale
    Squeeze fresh lime
    Small dash sugar syrup
    Cinnamon crumble mix to garnish (crumbled digestive biscuit, cinnamon and demerrera sugar)

  • Malmköping Springs (Spring)
    Our homage to the purest of water that provides DQ with the smooth finish and unparalleled taste.

    DQ vodka, fresh cucumber and lychee shaken with lychee liqueur, topped with champagne. Fresh, fruity and decadent.

    Served in a champagne flute
    12.5 ml DQ
    12.5 ml Lychee Liqueur
    2 Fresh Lychees
    1 Chunk of cucumber
    Squeeze of lemon
    Small dash of sugar syrup
    Champagne to finish
    Cucumber to garnish

  • Shiny Happy DQ
    A solution of: Jasmine

    Lemon grass
    Zest of lemon
    Dried apricot
    Pink pepper


    Garnish with pink pepper

  • Smoking Martini
    (3 portions)

    80 ml DQ vodka
    20 ml Ardbeg
    Dash old fashioned bitter

  • Ginger tini
    (3 portions)

    60 ml DQ Vodka
    15 ml st germain
    10 ml ginger mix
    (syrup with fresh ginger)
    10 ml lime fresh

  • Kaypiroska
    (Simple, strawberry or grape)

    60 ml dq vodka
    1 lime
    3 spoons of sugar

    (Mix with strawberry or grape)


DQ fleur D’orange, DQ Long kiss goodnight, DQ Teani and DQ Spice Market.


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