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The fact that almost every country in the world now produces vodka, ranging as far apart as Australia, Israel, Holland, France and Mexico, doesn’t change the basic fact that there is only one area in the world that has a true heritage and long history for making vodka.

This area is called the Vodka Belt, stretching from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, through Poland and Finland, to Sweden.

Vodkas originating from countries outside of the vodka belt will perforce never have the same level of authenticity as products coming from within the vodka belt.

Sweden is the land of the midnight sun, of long harsh winters and of pure water. Our wheat fields are amongst the richest in the world, nourished by more than 20 hours of sunshine during our warm summer days. You can still drink water directly from our rivers.

The result of using such fine ingredients is a better vodka, and you will taste the difference.

Sweden is also home to the world’s first true premium vodka; Absolut, which single-handedly turned vodka into a trendy premium drink. It is with great pride we now take vodka to the next level based on this fine Swedish heritage.

DQ Vodka - Heritage

DQ Vodka - Heritage

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