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The Grain

Swedens winter wheat is a magical product. It is planted in autumn and the seeds remain in the rich soil throughout the arctic winter. Biological impurities do not survive these harsh conditions.

Come spring, when most of the American and central European wheat is finally sown – our purified Swedish seeds have already been in the earth and absorbing nutrition for nearly eight months.

The next bit of magic is the midnight sun. Compared to central Europe and the US, our wheat fields enjoy at least five more hours of daylight during each summer day, so our wheat becomes richer and more complex than any southern crops.

When our wheat is finally harvested it has matured for a full year and it goes straight on to distillation according to century old traditions. It turns into a spirit that is so fine, soft and subtly complex that it tickles all of our senses.

DQ Vodka - The Grain


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