DQ Vodka

The Hallmarks

Instead of cluttering the beautiful DQ Vodka bottle with a long description of our production process, we chose to tell this story through five distinct symbols on the base of the bottle. Every bottle of DQ is branded with our unique “Hallmarks of Quality”. Not only do they tell the Made Undiluted story of DQ, but they are even proof that the product you are buying is an authentic, high quality product from the DQ factory in Malmköping, Sweden.

DQ Vodka

DQ Vodka Hallmark 1

Product of Sweden. From the puré mid-western part of the vodka belt.

DQ Vodka Hallmark 2

Made from the finest Swedish winter wheat and blended with puré Swedish spring water from Malmköping.

DQ Vodka Hallmark 3
DQ Vodka Hallmark 4

Sweden’s master blenders are using a secret distillation metod so puré that subsequent filtering is not necessary.

DQ Vodka Hallmark 5

Continuosly distilled according to traditional Swedish methods.


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