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The Water

DQ Vodka is a blend of fine spirits and the unadulterated water of Malmköping. Spirits have been blended in the small town of Malmköping since the early 1800’s due to the incredible purity of the water found in its subterranean aquifers.

The ridge through which all the water is filtered was created two million years ago and took its final form during the last Ice Age. It consists of fine rock and sand that perfectly soften, filter and mineralise this precious water.

Malmköping and its surroundings have long since been declared a government water protection area, which forbids any farming or industrial activity that might interfere with the purity of the aquifers.

Our Malmköping bottling plant is the only licensed company in Sweden with permission to blend spirits in proximity to this famous water source.

This water was a well kept Swedish secret until we now release it as part of our luxury vodka.

DQ Vodka - The Water

DQ Vodka - The Water

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